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Blender is a great, free and open source 3D design software that can be use whenever you want to create 3D graphics. It has been widely used by a range of professional, and student designers. It is popularly known to be used for rigging, animation, modeling, simulation, composition, rendering and motion tracking

DedicateBlenderRender Farm

With the ever-increasing need to use the Blender software by both small studios, students and freelancers, the need to offer a dedicated blender render farm have become very much in demand.

Our Blender render farm runs on the latest cloud technology paired with powerful servers that operate on dedicated CPUs make renderings faster and efficient.

Our solution is set up to provide users with full cloud rendering services that is as simple as installing our client-application and begin submitting your projects to be rendered. It doesn’t matter how big your file or project maybe, with just a single click, our render machines will run through them in less than minutes. And all rendered results will instantly be pushed to your PC for an easy access.

Our Blender render farm also support blender render engines such as the Cycles, and Chaos Group’s V-Ray

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2699 v4
  • Nodes: 160 Nodes
  • Total: 12672 GHz

Blender Supported version

Version 2.79 Version 2.80

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