The Most Used 3D Software by Interior Designers

The Most Used 3D Software by Interior Designers

Due to the availability of a wide range of 3D software and render engines, interior designers are always faced with these two questions: What is the best interior design modeling software, and what is the best render engine?

Irrespective of which industry you work as an interior designer, you will bear with me that at one point in time you have asked yourself one or if not, both of the questions above.

Well, there are so many software and render engines for artists and designers in the architectural and render industry, but in this post, we will be talking about the top three software that are mostly utilized for interior designs.



Sketchup was initially called Google SketchUp and was owned by Google from 2006 to 2012. It is not only known as one of the popular 3D modeling computer program, it is also one of the most basic interior design tool that most interior designers start with.

It is greatly used because it is easy to master and comes with a great user interface too. It also comes in two versions – a free and paid version (freeware version and SketchUp pro respectively). It also includes an integrated open source library known as a 3D warehouse that contains ready-made model assemblies. It also allows for the support of third party plugins geared towards the improvement of its functionalities.

However, due to its most basic nature, interior designers face some limitations when modeling complex surfaces, or when trying to visualize complex 3D models.



Unlike SketchUp, Autodesk Revit is an exclusive 3D modeling software for architects and interior designers. Due to its specific nature, it is highly intuitive for building designers and users in the construction industry. It provides professionals with the ease to digitally construct building models with a well-coordinated and consistent approach.

One feature that has made Autodesk Revit to greatly come out on top is the incorporation of the Building Information Modeling system (BIM). This system gives creators an easy way to draw plans, make elevations, and sections.

Note that, being highly creative is not the only criteria you will need to become a successful designer, you have to also get a good grasp of a modeling software such as Revit



If you want to talk about an exclusive 3D interior design software that is not only easy to learn, but fully featured with whatever you will need to whip out a professional interior project then Autodesk 3Ds Max is that application. It is used mostly by interior design students and professional interior designers too.

Besides providing excellent tools to carry out rendering, visualization and simulation of interiors, this software is intuitive to start with and master it. It also comes with a bunch of functional features and a round trip plugin that enables an easy integration into other third-party software.

One good thing about the software is that it has a large user base, and hence a lot of study materials such as video tutorials that you can access with a single search on the internet – this has also made Autodesk 3Ds Max software fun and easier to master.

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