Sketchup Tutorial

Sketchup Submission Tutorials

Step 2Packaging Scene Files

The only supported format for automated SketchUp job is .skp file.

How to Export SketchUp Scene ?

Open "Extentions menu" go to "V-ray" and select "Pack Project"
Then located the ZIP file in Boost Cloud > Project_Files folder.

Step 3Submission

The first thing you need to do is to log in to your user panel. Then, select Sketchup render farm(automate farm)submission and choose your version of Sketchup – this should be based on your file settings.

The following essential submission inputs below are required. You should endeavor to fill them out carefully according to your rendering demands. The advanced option gives you more control and management over the submission process.

Job Statuses (Monitoring)

After successfully completing the above requirements all you need to do is to lean back and monitor the rendering progress.
Below is a list of relevant job status that will tell you what’s happening at each stage;

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