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The integration between Sketchup and V-Ray is one the best thing that students and professionals within the architectural and interior design industry will enjoy. This integration, and the fact that both softwares are easy to use and master, and also comes with an intuitive user interface has resulted in an increased usage.

DedicateSketchupRender Farm

We run a dedicated Sketch render farm that supports a wide variety of renderings such as; animations, and still image rendering in an efficient and easy work flow process.

Our render farm makes use of an up-to-date cloud technologies in order to efficiently server’s users of both Sketchup and V-ray. Our cloud services give users the ability to send in their jobs in a fully automated schedule for rendering. We make use of high-end machines that immediately gives you access to rendered projects as soon as they are completed.

We also want to use this moment, to let users know that, the recent version of the popular render engine - V-Ray, will be available soon.

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2699 v4
  • Nodes: 160 Nodes
  • Total: 12672 GHz

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Chaos Group V-Ray    3.60.03    3.60.03    3.60.03

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