How to start

By following a few steps below, you can register and submit your first job. Simply follow the instructions, below are also some helpful links to explore and learn more about RenderBoost system.

If this is your first render order, we suggest you register and activate your account and begin your trial for 10 USD. This will allow you to test our services and ensure that everything works to your satisfaction.



Registration is the first step to get using our services, all clients need to have an account with us on online website and use the same details to use RenderShare application, but before that, ensure we support your 3d application and plugins you may be using in your pipeline.


RenderShare Installation

Before we walk you through the submission process, you will first of all need to install the RenderShare Application - It allows you to automatically upload source files and download rendered files through Render Boost fast and secure servers.


Job Submission

We have prepared a set of video tutorials to help you understand how to package your scene file, submit and monitor it. To access the proper video, go to the rendering application page or check Tutorials.

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