Best Hardware for GPU Rendering

Best Hardware for GPU Rendering

The animation and rendering industry have seen some significant changes in these past years. Worthy to mention is the introduction of a GPU rendering capability that improves the speed and quality of renders.

With regards to GPU rendering, it is advisable to use V-ray-RT, Octane and Redshift powerful render engines. For these render engines to function efficiently in carrying out a seamless GPU rendering, the need to be equipped with a powerful GPU as well.


So, in this article, we will be introducing some of the best GPU for a better GPU rendering for our Render Boost users. Also, we compare the scores of these GPU have awarded in Redshift, V-ray, and Octane benchmark.

To use Octane and Redshift as render engines, your GPU must be paired with CUDA Cores technology.  This render engines requires you to have GPUs that are produced by NVIDIA. And for those who use V-ray-RT, you can go along with OpenCL produced by AMD as well.


Currently, the list below shows the most powerful GPU NVIDIA have produced;

  • GTX 1070 (1920 Cuda Cores, 8GB VRAM).
  • GTX 1080 (2560 Cuda Cores, 8GB VRAM).
  • GTX 1080 Ti (3584 Cuda Cores, 11GB VRAM

On the table below, each GPU has been placed alongside its Octane render engine benchmark.


Octane Bench GPU
233 Quadro GP100
230 Tesla P100
197 TITAN Xp
186 GTX 1080 Ti
183 TITAN X (Pascal)


From the table above, we can see that the GPU with the highest-Octane benchmark is the Quadro GP100 GPU.

The problem here is, this GPU is currently worth over $8,000, and since you will require more than one of these GPUs, the cost can significantly go up.

On the other hand, let us look at GPUs employed during GPU rendering. This will be done with the reference to the points they have earned in Octane benchmark and the cost required to buy any of them.


Performance/Dollar Price Octane Bench VRAM GPU
0.265 700 186 11 GTX 1080 TI
0.249 550 137 8 GTX 1080
0.146 1300 191 12 TITAN XP
0.048 2999 144 12 GTX TITAN Z
0.029 8000 232 16 Quadro GP100


From the table above, we can see that, even though Quadro GP100 GPU is the best performing GPU and the one with the highest-Octane benchmark score, it has been ranked the least because it is very expensive to own.

On the table below, we still considered the same criteria but this time the ranking is done according to each GPUs Redshift render engine benchmark.


Performance/Dollar Price Redshift Bench VRAM GPU
1.248 700 11.44 11 GTX 1080 TI
1.136 550 16.00 8 GTX 1080
0.729 1300 10.54 12 TITAN XP
0.229 3849 11.31 24 Quadro P6000
0.149 8000 9.57 16 Quadro GP100


As you can see, the best performing render engine for Redshift is the GTX1080 TI GPU.

Lastly, the table below shows the investigation of each GPU score as obtained after testing with V-ray.


Performance/Dollar Price VRAY-RT Bench VRAM GPU
2.380 700 1:00 min 11 GTX 1080 TI
2.089 550 1:27 min 8 GTX 1080
1.451 1300 0:53 min 12 TITAN XP
0.813 3000 0:41 min 12 TITAN V
0.405 3849 1:04 min 24 Quadro P6000


In conclusion, we looked at the performance of each GPU based on different criteria but considered the cost since this criterion is the sole determinant of a personal rendering setup. Generally, purchasing a GPU can be very costly for a single user. Besides that, if you want to enjoy a fast and seamless GPU rendering, you will need to get more than one GPU, and this will bump up the price for a setup.  For this reason, it is advisable to make use of the GPU rendering on a render farm.

Following the positive vibes that the rendering industry have experienced with regards to GPU rendering, a typical render farm like ours have been working hard to upscale its hardware setup to give you the best GPU rendering service.


At Render Boost render farm, we support GPU rendering for both Octane and Redshift render engines. We are also making use of several powerful rendering servers that are equipped with the latest GTX1080 TI GPUs with over 11GB of RAM to give our users high-quality GPU rendering at a much friendlier price plan.

P.S: Note that, the GPUs marked with green are the ones we are currently using at Render Boost.

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