NVIDIA GTX 1080 VS GTX 1080 Ti

NVIDIA GTX 1080 VS GTX 1080 Ti

Since the development of robust GPU based render engines, there has been an increasing use of GPU for rendering.

At Render Boost render farm, we provide cloud render services, and with regards to the widespread of GPU render, we have evolved to equip our GPU rendering servers with the latest Nvidia GTX 1080ti.

In this post, we compared two of the most powerful GPUs right now.  We looked at their advantages and disadvantages. And have presented the results of our findings on the table below;


Specification Comparison Results


Category GTX 1080 GTX 1080 Ti
Fab 16 nm 16 nm
Transistors 7.2 billion 12 billion
Die size 314 nm 471 nm
Base clock 1607 MHz 1480 MHz
Boost clock 1733 MHz 1582 MHz
Memory 8GB GDDR5 11GB GDDR5
Memory clock 1251 MHz 1376 MHz
Memory bandwidth 224.4 GB/s 484.4 GB/s
Texture rate 257 GT/s 331 GT/s
Pixel rate 102 GP/s 130 GP/s
TDP 180W 250W


Since GPU based render engines such as Redshift and Octane came into the industry, the ability to pick the best GPU has become a daunting task for users who are looking to experience amazing rendering services.

At Render Boost render farm, we have equipped our high-end GPU rendering servers with NVIDIA GTX 1080ti GPU. We also provide support for a wide range of render engines including Redshift and Octane, and we are ready to provide you with excellent rendering services at the most affordable costs.


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