One touch rendering solution system

One touch rendering solution system

We happy to bring to your notice the amazing efforts of our technical team at Render Boost group in making a one-of-a-kind rendering solution that will be available to our users in a couple of weeks from now.

Very soon, KeyShot one-touch rendering solution will be released to our users. This functionality will enable our users to enjoy a more advanced way of submitting jobs by using a single click submitter plugin.

Besides the amazing ease it offers for users, here are some other benefits our users will get to enjoy once it is released;


Significant Reduction in the Time Taken to Submit Jobs

With the new One-Touch rendering plugin Render Boost is about to release, submitting and sending jobs for rendering will feel like a breeze – users will be able to submit their projects for rendering right from the plugin in KeyShot.

The most astonishing part about this feature is the fact that; the packaging process, uploading packages  as well as receiving the render result is done automatically and with  just a single click.


The Possibility of Sending Multiple Cameras with One Submit Job

One of the problems users have faced over time is the inability to submit projects with difference cameras using a single job button at the same time. With the new one-touch rendering that is coming up, users will be able to submit all available cameras at the same time using one submit job button.


A Submitter Plugin

The submitter plugin will be available to users from the Keyshot scripting console.


Smart Exports

One more exciting feature that will be beneficial from our new submitter plugin to users is the smart export. It gives users the ability to make changes even after uploading their project for rendering. This will eliminate the stress involved in re-uploading your projects after each change.

Some of the changes supported by the smart export feature includes;

  • Change in quality mode
  • Change in render options


Stay glued with us as the one touch rendering solution will soon be introduced for KeyShot software by Render Boost in a few weeks’ time. The technical team have been working tirelessly to see this dream a reality. And we hope that, we will go further to implement this achievement into many other 3D softwares.

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