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Top Five 3D Modeling Software

 Top Five 3D Modeling Software Irrespective of the 3D design industry 3D designer find themselves in, they are faced with a pool of 3D modeling software to pick from. Sometimes 3D artists are forced to work with a combination of combine different software and plugins; especially when the projects involve complex designs, cinematic scenes, special […]

Blender Render Farm

Blender Render Farm Blender is one of the free 3D and open source creation suite we have out there. It can be applied when creating anything in 3D. It can be used for rigging, animation, modeling, simulation, compositing, rendering, as well as motion tracking. Besides that, its usage can be seen in the creation of […]

Top 10 Highly rated Architectural Visualization Renderers

Top 10 Highly rated Architectural Visualization Renderers Picking out a render engine is a fundamental requirement that every artist must go through to come out with a quality project. In architectural design, rendering is considered a crucial part, and artists that are catering to this industry are always looking out for the most updated render […]

Chaosgroups V-Ray for Blender 2.79 added

From this day forward, RenderBoost supports Chaosgroup’s V-Ray for Blender 2.79.

Blender 2.79 now supported [Manual]

From this day forward, RenderBoost supports blender 2.79.


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