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Mental ray VS V-ray

  Mental ray VS V-ray Nowadays it is extremely difficult for artists to decide what render engine they are going to use. This has come because of the exponential improvements undergone by older render engines. Added to this is the stiff competition between GPU-based and CPU-based render engines. In our previous articles, we have compared […]

10 Key Benefits of Using VRay to Render Architectural Projects

10 Key Benefits of Using V-Ray to Render Architectural Projects If you are talking about popular render engines without mentioning VRay, then a professional may think it is fair to say that you are still living the 90’s. Its popularity has grown beyond borders because it supports almost every 3D software and incorporates a large […]

Render Boost is now a V-ray Authorized Render Farm

Render Boost is now a V-ray Authorized Render Farm We are happy to tell you that following an agreement between RenderBoost and Chaos Group, all Chaos Group products are now fully supported by RenderBoost. By having our name on their official website, we also want to let you know that RenderBoost is now a verified […]

V-Ray render engine Is Coming Soon

What is V-Ray? If you are talking about rendering engine and V-Ray is not on the list of your top 10, then your list is not complete. V-Ray is the most widely used render engine in the rendering industry. It is developed and managed by Chaos Group – a Bulgarian company established in Sofia in […]


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