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Mental Ray VS Arnold

Mental Ray VS Arnold In the CG industry, Mental Ray is known to be an advanced render engine. It has been utilized for the creation of box-office breaking Hollywood movies and its capabilities and power can be testified by everyone who has comes in contact with it. Since announced that it will no longer release […]

Hybrid Rendering

Hybrid Rendering On our previous posts, we explained what rendering all about and for users on RenderBoost the types of render engines. Render engines are divided into two principal categories, a CPU and GPU render engine. Aside these two categories, there is a third category known as a hybrid render engine. The name Hybrid is […]

CPU Rendering VS GPU Rendering

  CPU Rendering VS GPU Rendering Before we begin, let’s take a look at the traditional CPU rendering. First of all, what’s a CPU? In full, it is known as the Central Processing Unit. It acts as the middleman between applications on your PC and the components within your computer (screens, disks, networks, etc.). Generally […]

V-Ray VS Corona

V-Ray VS Corona In today’s world, the reliance on illustration and 3D modelling in virtually every walk of life cannot be overemphasized. This has increased the demand for illustration and 3D modelling software and hence skyrocketing its market value. As the day goes by, different software and utility programs are popping into the market in […]

what you need to make a personal render farm

what you need to make a personal render farm In our previous posts (What are the advantages of using a render farm), we made a detailed explanation of what a render farm is, and why you should make use of a render farm. The importance of a rendering farm cannot be overemphasized especially for those […]


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