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Mental ray VS V-ray

  Mental ray VS V-ray Nowadays it is extremely difficult for artists to decide what render engine they are going to use. This has come because of the exponential improvements undergone by older render engines. Added to this is the stiff competition between GPU-based and CPU-based render engines. In our previous articles, we have compared […]

Mental Ray VS Arnold

Mental Ray VS Arnold In the CG industry, Mental Ray is known to be an advanced render engine. It has been utilized for the creation of box-office breaking Hollywood movies and its capabilities and power can be testified by everyone who has comes in contact with it. Since announced that it will no longer release […]

Nvidia Mental Ray

Nvidia Mental Ray: With Nvidia’s announcement about ending its support for Mental Ray, we will be witnessing the end of the entertainment industry’s most exceptional renders and undisputedly, the most undervalued renderer. For most 3D artists and render farms, it was considered as the default render engine. If you have been consistent in the visual […]


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