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Nvidia Mental Ray

Nvidia Mental Ray: With Nvidia’s announcement about ending its support for Mental Ray, we will be witnessing the end of the entertainment industry’s most exceptional renders and undisputedly, the most undervalued renderer. For most 3D artists and render farms, it was considered as the default render engine. If you have been consistent in the visual […]

V-Ray VS Corona

V-Ray VS Corona In today’s world, the reliance on illustration and 3D modelling in virtually every walk of life cannot be overemphasized. This has increased the demand for illustration and 3D modelling software and hence skyrocketing its market value. As the day goes by, different software and utility programs are popping into the market in […]

V-Ray render engine Is Coming Soon

What is V-Ray? If you are talking about rendering engine and V-Ray is not on the list of your top 10, then your list is not complete. V-Ray is the most widely used render engine in the rendering industry. It is developed and managed by Chaos Group – a Bulgarian company established in Sofia in […]


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