The Experimental Release of Octane 4

The Experimental Release of Octane 4

According to the latest new, Otoy has released an experimental Octane 4 version; it is accessible to users who have the V3 license.  This new release comes with “AI” features that have been designed to boost rendering speed.

First of such features is the AI Light; it brings significant improvement to rendering scenes filled with too many lights. AI Lights makes use of an Adaptive Sampling principle which works by learning what is essential as samples are rendered. It promises to get even better as it studies when lights are necessary or when some pixels are not rendered.

With this new feature, scene loading times have drastically improved – all thanks to the new viewport interactivity. Unlike previous versions of Octane, users will now be able to update and work with scenes/animations in real-time.

To further give users the ability to save time, users can now make use of what is known as AI Denoise. It is a shortcut to produce noise-free images. Also, an out of core geometry functionality is currently supported by Octane; this allows users to make use of their system memory when working with geometrical data – this also goes forth to include the support for multiple GPU’s.

Apart from the above developments, there are also changes in the licensing plans. There is a now a new free plan. This plan will allow users to make use of Octane for free when using no more than 2 GPU cores even if it is for commercial purposes. As for the Rental licenses, it starts with a $20 per month subscription, it includes all DCC plugins and can be used on up to 20GPU cores. If you decide to add more nodes, then you will be paying an additional charge of $10 per month.

To get a quick glance at the newly introduced features for this 4th release, you can watch the YouTube video:



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