Top Five 3D Modeling Software

Top Five 3D Modeling Software

Irrespective of the 3D design industry 3D designer find themselves in, they are faced with a pool of 3D modeling software to pick from. Sometimes 3D artists are forced to work with a combination of combine different software and plugins; especially when the projects involve complex designs, cinematic scenes, special visual effects.

That said, we will introduce Five of the best 3D modeling software mostly used by Render Boost render farm users. If you want to produce fantastic 3D designs, all you need is to learn and gain more experience with any of the underlisted software.


1- 3Ds Max


3Ds Max® developed by Autodesk is one of the prominent 3D modelling software that can be used for animation, render and simulation. It can be applied in a wide range of fields such as industrial design, motion graphics, films and games. With 3Ds Max, designers are presented with real life textures, flowing hair and fur, human-like motion, particle simulation and so many others to enable them make their creations come to life.


2- Maya 3D



Just like 3Ds Max, Maya 3D was also developed by Autodesk, it is on the top list for 3D modeling software you can use for modeling, animation simulation and rendering. It also incorporates most of the features found in 3ds Max but has a rather steep learning curve for beginners. Specifically, it is used for the creation of video games, visual effects, and animated films. It also offers users with higher-end tools for special characters and effects.


3- Cinema 4D



Cinema 4D is a 3D software built by MAXON. Its application is usually seen in animation and rendering. It is mostly utilized by motion graphic artists, designers, architects, and 3D animators. Some of the industries that have greatly witnessed its reign are the film industry; especially in animations created in box-office movies such as Iron Man and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


4- Revit



Revit, also built by Autodesk is specifically made for architectural designs and structural engines. It was built to narrow down design information through Building Information Modeling (BIM). It comes with features that can take you from sketching your ideas to practical energy analysis. It also comes with plenty features and capabilities that allows users to share and collaborate on a project.


5- Blender



Blender is one of the top notch free 3D modeling software out there. The range of features it comes with includes, animation, sculpting, video edition, as well as photorealistic rendering. If you want to take things a little bit above the line, you should know that; the software also gives you the ability to make full 3D games, realistic simulations like the motion or fluid, smoke or hair, and lastly the ability to edit videos.

All the software mentioned above are very powerful and useful too. And can be applied in a wide range of fields. It is easy to master any of them because they are virtually video tutorials and a bunch of useful resources online that you can rely on for training and going on to becoming a professional 3D design artist.

At Render Boost render farm, we support a wide range of modeling software and render engines. Unlike other rendering farms out there, our software and rendering engines are backed by powerful rendering CPUs and GPUs hardware and hence, an outstanding rendering quality. Latest of them all, is the experience our users will get to enjoy with our newly integrated cloud rendering – very fast and efficient.


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