Top Five Secretes to Producing A Better Render Image

Top Five Secretes to Producing A Better Render Image

In this post, we will be revealing the top five secretes you will need to whip out a perfect render image as well as improving your rendering quality. These tips are going to work just fine irrespective of the software or the render engine you are using.


1 – Focus on the Tiny Details

It is generally said that; the more details you add within a photo, the more realistic it becomes. Details are fundamental if you want to get the best appearance – this is so true in events where you have to work with real life details.

However, rendered image are not required to be perfectly clean – and adding some light messy details won’t do no harm, it will make its appearance look like that of a real photo. For example, this can be done to a cup with coffee in it, a furry carpet or blankets piled together.


2 – Making Use of Artificial Light and Sunlight Together

To create a realistic lighting effect, it is essential to work with sunlight and artificial light. Using these two with great knowledge will create the right light shadows and hence the realism that is needed for a better image.

This can easily be achieved by combining the light from outside and the light we have within our shooting room. Sometimes, you can add a strategic light behind the camera to brighten dark spots within the scene.


3 – Picking out the right textures

This is one of the most difficult part in producing a perfect rendered image. Most times, you can’t wrap your head around the right texture, or actually know which one to pick up from Google. To guide you with your choice; try picking the widest and/or a seamless edge texture. This will prevent gaps between them when you put them together with your image.

Sometimes, you won’t get the right texture, and hence you will need to work with an image editing software to build your own seamless edge texture (this will be talked about in a future article).

One thing with textures is that, the larger the width, the more realistic the texture will look. And a texture with a 5meter gap after each stroke will always be better than the one with a 1meter spacing.


4 – Putting the Right Reflecting Ingredients into Your Scene

Some of the elements that can give us a more realistic reflecting scene includes but are not limited to water, mirror, polished metal sheet, glass etc. When used properly, it can go great lengths to increase the depth in an image.

With more depth, an image brings to light the deep and large scene angles not covered by the camera.


5 – Apply Final Touches to Images After Rendering

Usually, everything won’t come out perfectly after the first try. Things like shadows or texture repetition might not come out as planned. In order to correct all these misses, it is necessary to rework on some areas of the scene after you must have saved the rendered image.

At this stage you should add some flare to the light, etc. This can be done using an editing software such as the popular Photoshop developed by Adobe – thanks to its variety as well as the easy to use features that comes with it.

In conclusion, there are so many things you can do to arrive at a perfect render. But the list above has been picked as the most necessary things to do in order to professionally render a photo or scene.


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