What are the advantages of using a render farm

What are the advantages of using a render farm

For the lean video graphers, artists or video animators, the advantages of using a render farm are too numerous to mention. Before we dive into listing out these advantages, let’s first of all, take a look at what an actual render farm is, and how it works.


What is a Render Farm?

Rendering at its basic definition is an automated process where photorealistic or non-photorealistic images are generated from a 2D or 3D model. Most times, this operation is cumbersome for one computer to handle due to the fact that rendering applications (software) require high-end hardware to render efficiently.

In order to make this process flow smoothly, faster and efficiently, high-end computers are connected together to perform each stage of the rendering process at a time. When these high-end PCs are linked in such a way to do rendering tasks, it is known as a Render Farm.

However, the above paragraphs can be likened to a skeletal definition of what rendering and render farms are. If you want to dive deeper to understand all the technical aspects of a rendering farm, you can check out this post when you are through.

How does a Render Farm Work?

The file to be rendered usually known as the source file is uploaded on a main computer and shared among the different computers within the Render farm’s network. This distribution is done using a Render Management Software or otherwise called a Queue Manager.

Just like workers in a factory line utilizing their professional skills, each computer within this network makes use of a rendering software to complete each task (these tasks can range from rendering a sequence of images, full image, a layer of image etc.).

With the help of the Queue manager, once a job is completed on any rendering node, the computer automatically gets a new task until the overall rendering job is completed. The files are then compiled and sent to the user in frame by frame The Queue manager assigns each node with a task by intuitively evaluating the requirement of each rendering job, the strength of each PC within the network, and the status of each computer.

How is this rendering network system beneficial to videographers, artists or video animators? Let’s find out below.


Three Major Benefits of Using a Render Farm

Saving Time

There is a saying that “time is money.” And that is true when you understand what a render farm can do for you. As a creator, it can be heart breaking when you have put in so much work into designing a character or environment that you are sure is going to melt hearts when it comes out, only to discover that you do not have the resources to render them.

Irrespective of how you decide to tweak your computer to try and pull it off, rendering will at the end of the day eat up your time (or even days). This is time you would have used to work on developing other projects, refining your designs, or closing a deal with a client.

When you use a render farm, the rendering power at your disposal is endless. You can send long-winded renders or tests sequences without worrying about any delay or how large your project is.

Render Farms Gives You the Ability to Render Real World Lighting Views

Lighting is one of the most important factors that make any rendering scene come to life. The process of creating an effective lighting scene that comes very close to reality requires huge and complex calculations to enable cooperation between light photons and the clarity and scope of different object textures.

When using a rendering farm, you will be equipped with the right computing power, speed and sheer scale to perform complex rendering calculations. When lighting is rendered perfectly, it will be hard for the average or even advanced viewers to notice any flaws. On the other hand, poor lighting will put anyone off, and will be easily noticeable even with a naked eye. Besides that, bad lighting can destroy your viewer’s interest, too.

Saving You Money

Setting up a high quality PC or a personal rendering farm that can take care of all your rendering needs can be very costly considering the high price of PCs with advanced CPU cores and other hardware specifications. Besides that, even the least rendering project can last for hours, and sometimes up to a full day.

In such cases, you will be required to run your PCs for up 24-hrs every day. Hence, drastically increasing your electricity bill. Adding this up with other unforeseen circumstances (like your PC getting fried or breaking down), you will see that a render farm is definitely a better option.  A properly set up render farm can run up to 3520 CPU cores. This is too much power that will allow you to perform all your renders within a twinkle of an eye.


Why Render Boost Rendering Farm is the Best Out There for All Your Rendering Needs

Render Boost has been in the business of making rendering demands a breeze since decades. We sprung out as a local rendering farm in 2007 from Prince Edward Island and since then we have continued to expand our services by delivering world class online rendering technologies.

Unlike other rendering farms, Render Boost is an independent IT company that is equipped with highly skilled developers as well as 3D animation artists with over 10 years of experience under their belt.

Besides that, we have a great customer service to take care of all your questions and needs on a 24/7 basis. We also have a fast and secure platform for clients like you to make use our awesome rendering power.

As a Canadian based rendering farm, Render Boost is focused on cutting down cost. With us, you don’t have to break the bank to carry out your rendering projects. We have three cost-effective plans that will cater to your demands irrespective of your budget.

One of the things that has boosted our clientele over the years is the amount of time we have saved for our customers, and how easy we have made rendering to be. Our rendering farm is laced with over 160 nodes, and has over 3520 CPU cores. Our farm gives you enormous power to render anything.

With contrast to your regular computer, our rendering facility will dramatically save you time. We do not only speed up your rendering projects, we also make sure that you get the end results as soon as possible without leaving your seat.

We also keep up with the constant dynamism in the rendering industry by regularly upgrading both the size and power of our rendering farm.  That is why at Render Boost, it easy for us to make all your rendering projects come to life.


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