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    No. We offer Hyper-threading for free as we believe this increases your rendering power by over 25%.

    GHz hour is the unit we use to measure the amount of CPU usage and to determine the cost. It represents the usage of 1 GHz CPU power in an hour.

    Unlike many other farms, we only charge our clients based on CPU utilization. If your job uses 10 machines and each one uses 100 GHz, you won’t be charged for 1000 GHz in the rendering period. Our system checks the CPU utilization, which represents the usage of the CPU during the render.
    For example, if your job uses 10% power, you will be charged only for that and not for all the rendering power dedicated to your project.

    As a first step, we highly recommend that you check the “How it Works“ page. Complete details can be found there.

    There is nothing you need to do. Just choose your prepaid package on the Payment page and then proceed with your payment. You will get the extra render points automatically.

Job List

    Right after your rendering job starts, a Stop button in the controller column will be activated. You can use this button at any time to stop your job.

    After your submission, your render results will be instantly synced to your cloud folder.

    It depends on your project file size. To start your job, our servers will first securely transfer your project files to our render servers. If you are submitting a job containing large project files, your start time will be a bit longer. As soon as your files have been transferred to our render servers, your job will start automatically.

    First, please make sure you have installed our cloud application “Boost Cloud.“ Then watch your cloud folder as all rendered frames will be instantly synced there.

    Yes, you can change your render plan whenever you like but changing the render plan may take more time as it needs to check the available render nodes on the farm.

    Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of render jobs you can send to our farm. However, some limitations exist regarding dedicated CPU power for each user. Therefore, if you submit a few large jobs in a short amount of time, one or more of them may be put in the queue and will only start when current running jobs are completed.

    First, please charge your account to obtain a positive amount of render points. Then resume your render.
    When you get negative render points, current running tasks of your project will be rendered completely but no new tasks will begin.

    Please click on the Report Bug button and our technical assistance specialists will review the issue as soon as they can.

    Every render job breaks into multiple render tasks during rendering. Your render progress will be updated with the completion of each task but you won’t be able to see any progress before that. If your job status changed to rendering this means your job is rendering with no issues and you can check your cloud folder to see the results.

Payment & Coupons

    Boost Point is Render Boost’s render credit unit. One boost point is equal to 1 USD.

    Please go to the Payment section in user panel and scroll down to the coupon section. Enter your coupon code and, if valid, the coupon will be immediately applied to your render points.

    Direct PayPal Payment is designed for those clients who want to send their payment directly to our PayPal account. They can submit their transaction ID and wait for approval from our sales team. Whenever the payment gateway is disabled, you can use Direct PayPal Payment to make your payment.

    Currently, we accept both PayPal and wire transfer payments. To obtain our banking details, please contact or open a ticket with our sales department.

Boost Cloud

    Yes of course. You can add as many accounts as you like in Boost Cloud. Please ensure that you create your new cloud folder in a different location otherwise all your account information will be overwritten.

    Both render and project source files will be available for one month on our servers, after which time they will no longer be available. To extend this period, please contact our support team.

    Just create a new folder and name it “Project_Files”

    Please create a ticket with your job name so we can re-sync files from our server’s side.

    There is no limit. You can sync results on any computer. Just install Boost Cloud and log in with your personal information.

    Fortunately, yes. We created a user manual that will be synced to your cloud folder. You can also download it from your cloud folder.

Submitting a Job

    On the “Software/Plugin Support“ page you will find the full list of supported 3D applications and their plugins. We regularly update the list so please check it from time to time to learn about any newly added plugins.

    Not necessarily. Advanced options are designed to extend your control over the job submission process.

    Of course not. You can submit as many submissions as you want for any single file.

    Unfortunately, you cannot submit more than one zip package per job submission. However, you can upload multiple scenes in your ZIP file and upload them all at once. Then you just need to submit jobs for all the scenes separately.

    Please contact us to get instructions on how to submit your job.

Support Tickets

    We are proud to offer 24/7 live human support even on weekends and holidays. Send us a ticket, and we’ll get back to you in less than 15 minutes.

Edit Profile

    Your invoice details were provided when you registered. To change them, please go to the Edit Profile section.

    Your username and email are user identification inputs and cannot be changed in your user panel. Should you need to make a change, please contact us.

Invoices/Payment History

    Every payment will be recorded in your Payment History section. You can also download your invoices here.

    Open the Payment Section in your user panel, enter the desired amount, and proceed with your payment.

    Yes, of course. Please check our “Discounts“ page for complete information.

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