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KeyShot is considered as the first choice when it comes to 3D-artistic rendering – thanks to its solid tools that are paired with a simple, yet effective user interface. When it comes to powerful CPU-based render engines that can create near-realness images then KeyShot takes the number one spot.

KeyShot takes another leap within the 3D industry in that, it is one of the most widely used 3D software among professionals and newbies

DedicatedKeyShotRender Farm

With the recent launch, we have unveiled a unique and fully automated KeyShot cloud rendering service – the first the rendering industry is witnessing. Our cloud renderer operates on high-end rendering machines.

These KeyShot rendering services include still image, animation, tile render, XR rendering as well as multi camera renderings. All these services are performed with an easy to use One Touch Rendering Solution plugin accompanied by other attractive features like “smart exports,” – a feature that will let you experience a whole new level of KeyShot cloud rendering. With just a single click, from the beginning to the end, the rendering process is automatic and carried out within the shortest possible time.

At Render Boost all our users will render with and experience a fully automated KeyShot Cloud Rendering Service that comes with the features listed below

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2699 v4
  • Nodes: 160 Nodes
  • Total: 12672 GHz

Luxion KeyShot supported version

Version 7 Version 8 Version 9

Single Click Submission

integrated submitter plugin inside KeyShot

Online Submission

Online Customizable Job Submission Solution

Multi-Job, Multi-Task

Smart multi-based submitting solution

SingleClick Rendering Solution

The Render Boost Single Click rendering plugin makes submitting projects for rendering to be completed in less than no time. With this plugin, users can now send their jobs for rendering right within the Keyshot interface.

The fulfilling thing from this plugin is that, with just a click, it will automatically process the packaging, upload and receiving the render results.

The Single Click Rendering Solution also provides an amazing submitting plugin that makes it possible for users to send a wide range of different projects at once for rendering; animation, tile render, still images, multi-camera etc. This plugin is readily available to be used right from the KeyShot scripting console

Download /install RenderShare

The RenderShare is an application that gives users the ability to easily send and receive project source files to and from our online servers

Single Click Interface

This is a specially built-in submitter plugin inside KeyShot that allows users to submit different jobs like animation, still image, tile render, multi-camera render with just one click

Dashboard Monitor

Provides users with an easy to read monitoring dashboard to monitor in real-time render the status for all their projects

Single Click

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