How It Works

By following a few simple steps below, you can submit your job in minutes. All rendering jobs will begin instantly no matter the plan you choose. However, the completion time for each plan will differ.

If this is your first render order, we suggest you activate your coupon and begin your trial for 10 USD. This will allow you to test our services and ensure that everything works to your satisfaction.

Right after registration, all users will receive a free trial coupon of US$10 (10 Boost Points) via email. You can use this bonus amount to render whatever you wish with no watermark.

Step 1 (Registration)

Register in our system and activate your account.

Your trial coupon of 10 USD will be sent to you immediately after you activatie your account.

Step 2 (Boost Cloud)

Download the Boost Cloud application and login with your personal information.

Then just package your source files and place them in “Project_Files” in your cloud folder.

Here are a set of video tutorials including some tips on how to package your project.

Autodesk 3ds Max

3ds Max Job Submission Video Tutorial

Autodesk Maya

Maya Job Submission Video Tutorial

MAXON Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Job Submission Video Tutorial

Luxion Keyshot

Keyshot Job Submission Video Tutorial


Blender Job Submission Video Tutorial

Step 3 (Job Submission)

We’re just about ready to run your job. Please open the Submit Job section, choose your rendering software, and fill out the form carefully. All job details will be transferred directly to our render management system. Any errors, however, may result in job failure.