Top 4 Benefits of Using GPU for Rendering

Top 4 Benefits of Using GPU for Rendering

In our previous posts, we made comparisons between GPU and CPU rendering. We also talked about some problems of GPU rendering.

In this post, the Render Boost render farm team outlines the most important benefits of using GPU rendering.


GPUs Accommodate More Processing Cores than CPUs

The more processing units that GPUs accommodate makes GPU rendering much faster than CPU rendering.


2- GPUs Utilize Less Power

Rumors has it that, a 14nm fabrication technology will be utilize in the manufacturing of GPUs. This will go further to even make the power consumption even lesser. That is to say, the future will be filled with GPUs having larger memories than we have now. This will enable larger resolutions size images to be rendered faster than we have ever experienced.


3- Opportunity to Cut Down Cost of Hardware

A single GPU power can be likened to twenty CPUs put together. This simply means that, it requires only a single machine with a GPU to perform the work of twenty machines equipped with a CPU. That is why GPUs are faster and cost effective.


4- Ability to Grow Exponentially in the Future

It is already evident that the potential of CPUs to grow is already declining due to the limitation in sizing, and GPU processors are already taking over the market. Right now, GPUs are currently considered to be the next big thing in advancing the growth of computers.

Over the past years, GPU rendering has steadily progressed, and powerful GPU based rendered engines (RedShift and Octane) are being improved each day and are currently having the potential to rule the CG industry.


At Render Boost render farm, we are equipped with highend hardware and a wide range of 3D software to provide you with quality CPU and GPU rendering services.


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