Terragen Render Farm Will Be Lunched Soon !

Terragen Render Farm Will Be Lunched Soon !

Terragen is among the big names you will hear when it comes to 3D software environment creation packages. And that is why we are happy to announce to you that, we will soon be incorporating the Terragen software into the Render Boost Farm.


Why is Terragen Important for users?

Terragen give users a wide range of options and possibilities to create realistic and natural environments, landscapes, rivers, lakes, oceans, suns, and many more.

This software has been applied in the creation of feature-rich films, and on numerous TV shows, game developments, VR environment, museum exhibits, documentaries and many more.

Usually, projects designed with Terragen includes large details and millions of objects that usually makes it require a lot of render time for high quality outputs. Also, this is why Terragen users seek out the services of a render farm more than any other 3D software user.

In recent negotiations between Render Boost and Planet Side Software, we have been given exclusive rights to run the Terragen 4 Software, and it will be coming up on the Render Boost platform very soon.

The Render Boost technical team is already reviewing the technical requirements necessary to support the Terragen 4 Software, and soon, the latest version of this software will be available to Render Boost farm users.

After this software is live on our site, users of the Terragen software will be able to make use of the powerful servers running at Render Boost render farm as well as also enjoy the amazing cloud rendering services that we offer.

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